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2022 Exhibitors 


Archangel Paracord and Crafts

Bloom Beauty Ink

Connie Rish

Gregory Standridge

Hank Poppe

Kayart Sprays

Keith Tampkins

Kris Fairchild Art

Lewis One Studios

Marcia Terry Photography

Matt Ferree Studio

Missing Bristle Studio

Mother Mold Media

OK Primitive Prarie Art                                     

Pens and Things

Quacky and Rhea 

Sebastian Valcourt

Tony Jewelry


Crafters and Vendors

Barbwire and Diamonds

Biggerson's LLC

Box Owls, McNeely

Call of the Wild Rags

Classy Freshies and Tumblers

Crafty Queen

Cutter Chaos                                                 

Dark Water Ranch

Hen and Chicks Customs

J Olive Design

JJ Gift Shop and Floral

Kayley Durocher

Made by Loretta and Isabella

Matthew Wilcox

Mia's Magnolia Boutique

Okie Gypsy Boutique

Peyton's Crafty Corner                                  

Quillows by Aunt Josh

R.J.'s Woodworking

Rebecca Lemke

Redland Gypsy

Schoenecke Handcrafted Wood

Shirley Anderson

Sweet Art Face Paint

Twister Strum

Wild Bergamot Bath

Zee Tees




Brian McNatt

Maxine Douglas

Terry Godfrey




Direct Sales and Promotional

Chickasha Animal Shelter & C.A.R.T.A.

Chickasha Public Library

Color Street

Fairfield Inn & Suites             

Friends Fur Change                                                

Paparazzi - Distinctly Unique

Renewal by Anderson

Resurrection House


Snap and Sparkle Jewelry

Thome Cook Farmers Insurance Co.

Washita Welding and Fabrication

Wheeler's Meat Market















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