2016 Exhibitors


Myron Beeson - (Hopi/Navajo Artist/Flute Player) Apache, OK

Myron is an accomplished Native American artist living in Oklahoma. He not only carves wooden flutes in the ancient tradition, he can also play the flute beautifully and has created CDs of his traditional tribal music. He's also a talented painter, Katsina doll creator, furniture builder and ostrich egg carver. "Painting and carving give me the time I need to relax both my mind and body and give me a sense of peace - it's meditation for me."

Duane J Paul - (Flute Player/Heart Song Originals LLC) Duncan, OK

Duane is an Oklahoma artist and Flute Maker/Player who has resided (mostly in Duncan OK since 1951. He graduated from Duncan High School and attended UCO until his entry into the U. S. Naval Submarine Service in 1966. Upon leaving his military service, he remained on the west coast and lived in Oregon and California for several years where he worked in tool, die, and machining trades. He returned to Duncan in 1983.

Duane has always had a hidden desire to do things of an artistic nature, but he didn't begin his 'artistic journey' until approximately 1997 after listening to a CD of Native American Flute music performed by R. Carlos Nakai. At that point his 'destiny' became redefined. He knew he needed to become an advocate for the tradition of the Native Flute and perpetuate and do all he could to keep that tradition alive by making and playing flutes. Along the way, Duane has also nurtured his talent for artistic renderings in Pyrography, Charcoal and Pencil drawings as well as Acrylics, Oils, and other fine art mediums.

Duane has begun 'home studio' recording for the potential release of a Native style flute music CD. All of the flutes used for the recording are made and played by Mr. Paul. Also, the accompanying guitar and percussive portions used in the CD are performed by Duane. His intentions are to record, mix, final mix/master, and produce the CD.

Clint Buntin - (Photography) Blanchard, OK

"I grew up in Blanchard, Oklahoma and from a young age I have admired the scenery this great state has to offer. My passion for photography really came into play about two years ago. My favorite thing is being able to experience all the different places and to capture memories that will last forever. Photography is an outlet for my creativity. I mainly focus on urban exploration, landscape and artistic photography. My goal is to make people just take a second out of their crazy lives to see the beauty that is all around them."

Hank Poppe - (Digital Art) Lawton, OK

"I got a late start in the art world, but upon retiring from the Army I made myself a promise to do something I had a passion for. In 1997 I hired on at the US Army Field Artillery School as a developer of Computer Based Training for various technical courses for US soldiers. I pioneered the use of digital 3D and Animation at Fort Sill to meet the course requirements while cutting the costs of development.

"I've been a professional 3D artist and animator for these past 19 years. My love for photography and nature has led me to developing photo-realistic images produced uniquely with the computer. In 2001 I joined the then Telos, now CACI, team and am the senior 3D artist and Animator for the company. My part is to produce visual imagery that is as realistic as possible.

"Photographers bring the outside world in to the camera. A CG artist creates from the inside out. From the blades of grass on the ground to the tops of the clouds, a CG artist must not only build everything, but color, place, and light it all as well. Countless hours are spent studying nature in all its majesty so that what we do with the computer is a faithful representation."

Joe Donley - (Photography) Chickasha, OK

Photo Credit: Johnny TrammellJoe is a local who grew up right here in Chickasha. He's been dabbling in photography on and off again for years and years, but as of the last three years, he has taken it much more seriously. In that time he's graduated from the New York Institute of Photography and has had works selected two years in a row for the Woody Gaddis Gallery National Contest at UCO in Edmond, OK and a work selected for the 2015 USAO Seven State Biennial art exibition. During the day he is a software engineer for a large company, but in the evenings he practices both photography and fiction writing.

Rachel Farriester - (Multimedia)

'I am a multimedia artist that enjoys working with classical meduims and reclaimed materials, giving them a natural twist. My style is highly influenced by nature and the natural world around me, leading to both 3D and 2D works. My family was very artistic growing up. Their influences have led me to the place I am, creating many different forms of art, both practical or decorative.'

Leslie Williamson - (Multimedia/Stained Glass)

'People have described me to be a multimedia artist, a person who can work with different materials of art. I prefer to use traditional medums such as stained glass with a modern twist. The style I use has been considered to be dark, childlike, colorful and soft. I enjoy catching viewers by surprise with my pieces. A majority of my moves have some form of symbolism that is personal to me, but also evokes a feeling from my audience.'

Marcia Terry - (Photography) Chickasha, OK

Marcia Terry bought her first camera as a child while living in upstate New Your. It was an old box camera that she purchased at a flea market. She spent many hours capturing photos of Nature. it is a passion that she continues on with today. At anytime you may spot her chasing the elusive butterfly or heading down the road trying to capture the sunset at just the right moment. Marcia attended Collage at USAO where she studied Psychology. Marcia also took classes in black and white archival and colored positive photography.

Raven Fondy, Chickasha, OK

Butch Lindsey - (Woodworking/Full Circle Woodworks) Tuttle, OK



Pens and Things - Paul & Melida Boman, Moore

All Things Hand Made – Shelly (Mercelle) Gorrell, Chickasha

Boxes, Jewelry and Such by Legnerhol – Michael Legnerhol, OKC

Rock It! - Judith Henderson, Waurika



Arvest Bank

Damsel in Defense – Sharon Conrady, Luther

Happy Stems – Amy Simer, Chickasha

Mary Kay Cosmetics – Jeanne Deaton, OKC

Maxine Douglas Books – Debbie Fritter, Chickasha

Scentsy – Chickasha

Sene Gence Lip Sense – Lara Singleton, Union City

Southern Plains Medical Center – Len Lacefield (Adm), Chickasha

Monkey Biz Signs - Lawton

9th and Colorado Church of Christ - Chickasha

The Express Star - Chickasha




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